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    HID Installation Skills 6035 2006-10-18

Installs several questions which in front of the xenon lamp must understand:

1st, the xenon lamp classification, the xenon lamp altogether divides six kinds according to the light bulb form: The belt lens headlights on full beam, the belt lens low-beam lights (above two kind of lamps use the way generally which in on original factory xenon lamp system for instance pst, audi and so on) h1 (headlight high beam light bulb), h3 (fog lamp), h4 (far and near light light bulb), h7 (headlight low beam light bulb)

2nd, the xenon lamp system reequips (general two kinds):
A) one kind is quite luxurious always becomes the reequipment - is the head lamp headlamp always becomes with the light bulb all trades. This way effect has not said, but has two limitations first: The price too is high; The treasure comes the sea pulls always becomes 10000 the light bulb which but also the sea pulls, 4,000 - 5,000. Second total Cheng Shouyuan merchant fitting limit, if this vehicle type does not have the xenon lamp always to become, that did not have the means. For instance slightly cuts, was the affirmation does not have the original factory the xenon lamp always to become.
B) second was only trades the light bulb.

3rd, reequipment process: Only trades the light bulb the xenon lamp, the product contains four parts: The stabilizer above two things are the fragrant cigarette case size hard boxes, fixed on has been good, the light bulb to the vehicle in, the wire. Does not need to reequip the line, so long as receives originally on the light bulb the line, the association to rose to press on may. Extremely simple.
Before 4th, the decision reequips must need to consider the clear risk: 

A) about high frequency interference question: The xenon lamp starts the instantaneous need 23,000 volts high pressures. Has the certain possibility to be able to disturb in the vehicle the electric appliance, for instance the sound, valuable resembles also has the disturbance rain wash phenomenon. Occurs the proportion is very small, but has the possibility, needs to prepare for psychology.

B) about penetrability question: Xenon lamp k number quite high, according to optics principle, the k number is higher is easily lowered the k number the light to cover, common street light only then below 2000k. The effect is not obvious. Needs to adapt. But you have a look the illuminator, knew the lamp brightness was enough. Environment blacker, the xenon lamp effect is better. When walks especially the dark night mountain road, you can discover his lovable. But has a comparison worth noting the question: Xenon lamp under sleet fog weather penetrating power quite bad, drops quite is fierce. Needs to like the limit cross country brother considering. Flushes the practical application to look that, Beijing's several sleet, feel the xenon lamp the penetrating power although drops, but has not thought compared to halogen lamp difference how many, because itself his brightness drops one half is also brighter than the halogen lamp.

C) about light loudspeaker question: Because of the xenon lamp itself characteristic, from lightens needs several seconds time to the greatest brightness. Possible not to have that to have one's wish dodges the head lamp headlamp feeling. From feeds back actually looked, not that serious: First: First time dodges head lamp headlamp time, the light quite is weak, but that speech - but also enough used a he half brightness on to be much brighter than the halogen lamp. Moreover - afterwards again dodged the head lamp headlamp on to be basic cannot have brightness the lag. Should be the electric capacity function. The xenon lamp cannot have the very tremendous influence to the light loudspeaker.

D) about will install the later xenon lamp effect the question: Will install later effect influence most importantly two: First, light training, certainly must adjust the light. Because the xenon lamp very much has shone originally, has not adjusted slightly, can have the very tremendous influence to other vehicles. Therefore certainly must adjust the light, for others. Second also is must often important: Is the thing which lamps and lanterns total cost body quality - this also is we is unable to change: Generally speaking: Far headlight low beam separated circular lamp bowl effect extremely good, the effect worst is a far headlight low beam body square shape lamp holder lamp, comes take the treasure as to be  worst. Very unfortunate, slightly cuts is this kind. I do not have carefully have looked at the lamp which slightly cuts. Feels light which the interest may carefully have a look slightly to cut whether very much diverges, if is not diverges very much. Should not be  big on the question, if too diverges, considers as finished.

E) secure question: The xenon lamp should be the mature reequipment, does not modify the original vehicle line to be supposed the question not to be  big, the key arranges each part firmly, outside although he only then 35w but gives off heat quite fiercely. Do not use the inferior lamp holder.

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