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    HID xenon lamp control system introduction 6003 2006-10-18

▲ xenon lamp principle of work: The xenon lamp is uses 12V the direct-current power supply, instantaneous turbo-charged lights the gas through the stabilizer control system to 23KV to produce the gas which the electric arc shines to put lights a lamp it the principle which gives off heat with the tradition shines to be completely different, is the modern science and technology crystallization.

▲ the performance showed that, * The 35W xenon headlight can have 3,500 lumina glares, but the general 55W halogen lamp only can produce 1,000 lumina light; * Xenon headlight service life approximately 3,000 hours, but halogen lamp only then 500 hours; * The electricity saving is strong, the xenon lamp only then 35W but sends out the light is the 55W halogen lamp 3.5 time of above light; * Color warm is good, has 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, and so on, 6000K, the close sunlight, deeply user communities' high praise, but the halogen lamp only then 3000K, the light color gloomily blushes. * The constant output, is safe reliably: Stabilizer of the xenon lamp is one kind with the computer technology automatic control control power supply system, it can when lights the lamp by the 23KV voltage ignition, then with 85V voltage constant pressure supplies xenon steam light bulb work, when the light bulb breaks down, the computer automatic shut-off power supply system, shuts off the supplies power source, guarantees the vehicles power supply security.

▲ installs the method: 1st, inspects the headlight the model; 2nd, dismantles the original headlight; 3rd, takes down the original line wiring; 4th, takes down the xenon lamp security tube; 5th, installs the xenon light bulb and fastens tightly; 6th, installs the fixed stabilizer in the suitable position; 7th, joins the light bulb and the ballast high tension line; 8th, joins the 12V power line and the pilot wire; 9th, H4 lamp Huang Xianwei headlights on full beam power line.

▲ xenon lamp technology parameter: Input voltage: DC9-16V output current: 3.5A lamp trigger voltage: 23KV starting current: 8.5A luminous flux: 3,500 (lem) life: 3,000 hours application temperatures: -40 - 105

▲ matters needing attention:
1st, is not good when the weather best uses the xenon lamp, and attention security;
2nd, when passing in traffic please use the low-beam lights, in order to avoid affects opposite party vision;
3rd, the stabilizer outputs the instantaneous voltage is 23KV, please does not want the film editing high tension line;
4th, the xenon lamp installment please by specialized repairs a vehicle the public figure installment and the correction;
5th, before the xenon light bulb installment do not have to dismantle the security tube and the hand contact light bulb;
After 6th, the light bulb lights, cannot use the finger control school light bulb, in order to avoid burns and receives an electric shock;
7th, each xenon lamp starts when the electric current by 8.5A, possibly creates the short protection to the sensitive electric appliance; After 8th, the xenon lights please do not have to look straight ahead the light, in order to avoid creates the eye ache and vision this barrier.

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