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    HID performance 2654 2006-10-18

First, the luminous flux normal HID light flux is about 2,400 lumina, is above ordinary halogen lamp three times; Uses 1,000 hour after the maintenance rate also to issue in 70 conditions to this target, some is even brighter (because power design is bigger than 35W). But certain HID lamp after uses period of time to be able obviously to appear the energy the drop. Its reason mainly after is because the light bulb gets older the power to change slightly, also some is because the pressure intensifier trigger voltage and the working voltage cannot achieve the fixed parameter (23000V/85V).

Second, the color warm color warm is measures the color temperature the standard, is not measures the lamp brightness. The halogen lamp color warm may from 2300K to 7000K; The HID lamp color heats from 4200K to surpasses 10000K; Lamp color warm higher, it is worse to the fog and the rain penetrating power. Below is not the homochromy warm performance: Light color warm light effect 3000K yellow colored light, strong penetrating power 4200K Bai Zhongdai yellow 5000K light entire white, Ou Guizui gao Sewen the 6000K light entire is white, has the blue color slightly;Under sunlight daytime 7,000 - 8000K above white center obvious belt blue 10000K the blue light, the penetrating power is bad.

Surpasses the problem which 6000K the light bulb sees generally except the penetrating power to be bad. Non- big plant production light bulb color warm drop some half year may drop 50. The obvious discovery other one side light bulb changed yellow, generally speaking all did not will satisfy this kind of quality the light bulb.

Third, the life user is willing to spend the great sum of money to trade the HID lamp, besides because its advantage is suffices brightly, but also because of its life special skill, amounts to for 2,500 hours, (500 hours) above is longer than 4 times the halogen lamp, quite the Che Shou 15 years (the European standard). Must achieve this life parameter, basically needs to obtain the patent the shift, but also has the advanced production equipment and the technology can achieve. Some light bulbs with then to a week (blackening of bulb), is because the scale small factory the light bulb mixed the air in the production process to be the result of. Moreover, in reequips the light bulb time, even if some errors, also can cause light bulb loss of life, for example the ceramic tube and between the lamp tube has the specific distance, deviates this to be away from can cause light bulb loss of life.

Fourth, temperature because in the lamp tube is produces the electric arc by the high pressure to urge the xenon gas member electric discharge to shine, the light bulb operating temperature is extremely high, the light bulb base amounts to 400 degree Celsius. Therefore reequips time uses the material must be some thermostable special materials. At the same time, as a result of high voltage reason, also must select the high resistance the material to prevent when electric discharge causes the high pressure to short-circuit, so that the undercapacity, cannot turn on a light is sends affects in other vehicles situation and so on electric appliance.

Fifth, the focal distance reequips H1, H4, H7 and so on the HID lamp, its shape already with originally compared has had the change, had to determine the new lamp foot whether suited the focal point completely which the halogen lamp always became, besides when design had to draw support from the high end the measuring instrument, when production needed some special instruments, by examined the lamp tube whether in axle wire. Why is this in the market is the H1 HID lamp similarly, installs the effect which displays on the identical vehicle meets the dissimilar reason. Above only was aims at the HID lamp several characteristics the similar product which sold to the market in to make some prompts, hoped could overseas lead this kind by this in domestic also to be able to have a healthy development in already very the selling well product

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